Repair & Calibration

Services range from the servicing and calibration assessment of multimeters, cathode ray oscilloscopes, insulation testers, loop impedance testers and earth testers through to protection injection and high potential test sets.

Rutherford Electrical Engineering Services Pty Ltd is the authorised repairer for Kyoritsu instruments for the eastern coast of Australia.

Our employees are dedicated to delivering quality repair work through their years of experience and their commitment to excellence. All personnel completing metrological confirmation and repair work have the appropriate qualifications, training, experience, aptitude and supervision to complete tasks on your equipment to the highest standard.

We strive to provide a comprehensive service that not only meets but exceeds our customers expectations as this is what we believe keeps our customers returning to us. Within repair services, we are working to reduce our customers true operating costs through quality craftsmanship, product improvements and by delivering high reliability.

Where possible our close liaison with equipment manufacturers permits us to use OEM parts. Our vast knowledge of available components and our manufacturing capabilities permit us to complete upgrade or modification work as required and similarly permits us to repair obsolete or very old equipment.

Our laboratory located at Rutherford, NSW enables us to ensure that the environment is controlled to the extent necessary to ensure the validity of confirmations.

Metrological confirmations are conducted using measurement standards that are traceable through an unbroken chain of confirmations to national standards.

A large range of equipment is held within our laboratory that enables many electrical instruments to be confirmed.

Included in our test equipment suite are the Wavetek 9105 Calibration system complete with 250Mhz CRO calibrator option and the Fluke 1281 8.5 digit long scale multimeter complete with 11A shunt option.

Detailed records of every repair and confirmation are maintained in a purpose designed secure database. All pertinent information regarding customer equipment is recorded and kept indefinitely.

Confirmation results are available in hard copy or electronic format including Microsoft Snapshot format or our preferred Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Over time a detailed history of each item of equipment evolves that can be readily accessed to assist in reviewing such things as:

  • Recurring faults.
  • Over or under servicing.
  • Equipments suitability for its purpose.
  • Confirmation interval requirements.

If required, automated timely reminders of equipment due for calibration can be emailed to customers. Emailed reminders are sent approximately two weeks before the required calibration date and simply inform the customer of the equipment description, serial number, identity and due date.

We appreciate that the equipment we repair is often vital in the operations of our customers and attempt where possible to hire similar equipment for the duration of the equipment repair.

We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction through responsive turnaround times, superb quality, high reliability and timely communications.